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Qi Energy

Qi Energy “speaks” about the energy that we store in our bodies that we can gather up in the palms of our hands. I wont say too much about this one because I am waiting to release a track that says and sings it all. Its a musical collab with Keng Doja, Destructo Bunny and […]

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The Cycle of Thought & Creation

This piece stemmed from a drawing Icreated in high school. I wasn’t fully aware of its significance until I titled it, which happens frequently, especially with channeled creations like this, brought to life in a very open and evolving space. Created mostly live in a variety of public venues, my devotion to this piece allowed […]

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Passion ‘n HeART

This passionate and compassionate goddess was created in the desert and inspired from a Burning man photo shoot, in which I wore a headdress and placed my hands on different chakras. She is the expressing both the fire we create thru our drive, desire, and passion AND the compassion we can achieve through our heart […]

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Blossom Within

To heaven and earth strength and vulnerability I see a way for me, entering me I find a true power with i flower within, underneath this thin skin blossom and rise like a kundalini sun and set like a deep woman moon like ripples in the water I expand, I bloom

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Sharing heART Space

This creation is the organic blending from my Imagine That series into From the heART series. I wanted to create a piece that was very “organic” in its approach. After creating a very “methodological” creation, One Faith, I decided to create this one live and channel all the energy from different environments. I wanted to […]

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The Cycle of Life

This one titled, ‘The Cycle of Life’ is dear to me and although whimsical and cute its full of depth and symbolism! It’s pARTicularly special because it directly links to one of my fathers art creations titled The Magic Bus! My unique style is actually very similar my fathers, but not too many people get […]

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Look on the Bright side (re-created)

This piece titled ” Look on the Bright Side Re-created.” Takes some of my older artwork ( mostly pen & ink, marker, and colored pencil) and combines it with my current medium, paint. It is a multi-layered collage full of texture and patterns! The original is truly a one of a kind piece because i […]

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Third Eye Open

Adelaide continually emphasizes the importance of Vision and using the imagination. This piece expresses the power we can generated when we can see clearly. This painting was inspired by snapshot taken out of a “Conscious collaboration” video she co created in which she danced under a rainbow that naturally appeared.This video is a great peak […]

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Organic Unveiling

She represents that natural release and awakening. The pyramids that hold ancient knowledge are opened up and her mind is able to take in an understanding that is beyond what we currently can fully grasp.

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Shadow in The Light

The darker figure represents the shadow, a denser frequency of more tangible matter. He is held back in some ways by his physical form, but more so my his belief in a limited reality. He feels the light inside of him and enjoys its presences., Yet, at the same times wants to hold on to […]

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