Learn about belly dance: working with our skeleton

Belly Dance performer and instructor Adelaide Marcus ( shares a quick video with guest skeleton "Anthony. " Adelaide teaches belly dance from the concept of working with our actual skeleton, aligning the bones, and letting our muscles relax. This video focuses on the sacrum, coccyx, and lower spine. Subscribe to ArtByAdelaide youtube and follow ArtByAdelaide on IG to learn more including some juicy belly dance moves!

Adelaide Peru Journey 2017

with Love!

About Belly Dance: The History of the movement and My personal Background

10 minute description about my background, the history of belly dance and why I am SO in love with it!:)

Spontaneous visit: Opening Art Giclee's at Art By Adelaide home studio

Many people do not fully under stand what a "Giclee" is... simply put it's a high resolution print on canvas. Visionary artist Adelaide Marcus does her own photography of her painting to make sure that the lighting and color is as close to the original painting as possible. Enjoy this glimpse into Adelaide's excitement while opening a fresh box of Giclees. She has tons more work not shown in this video. Go to to see what Giclee options are available!

Why Is Chakra Mandalas more than your average Coloring book? Artist Adelaide Marcus explains:)

Visionary Artist Adelaide Marcus ( created Chakra Mandalas Mindful Coloring Book right on the cusp of the growing popularity of adult coloring books. Like any popular product, there is a lot of "crap" that gets thrown out there but the thankfully the truly relaxing benefits of coloring have proven to out way some of the mediocre/ cheap coloring books. But why settle? Set yourself up for great-ness and choose a Coloring book that's made with integrity! Adelaide explains why Chakra Mandalas is more than your average coloring book. Chakra Mandalas has the highest quality of paper for any artistic mediums. It also has perforated edges so you can tear out and frame your creation after finishing. The wire-o binding keeps the pages nice and flat and makes for a great travel book. Furthermore, the images are all hand-drawn and charged up with symbolism and meaning which turns Chakra Mandalas Coloring book into an educational tool as well. Learn about your bodies chakras (aka energy centers) on Find peace while coloring and discover why Chakra Mandalas is more than your average coloring book!:) for sale on amazon:

One Love- Oil Painting and spoken word poem By Visionary Artist Adelaide Marcus

This Poem by visionary Artist Adelaide Marcus ( was inspired pArtially inspired by a loving pARtnership, however speak to ONE LOVE . the Love that is Universal and lives through all living things. This is the love That embodies compassion and devotion and though it runs through our interpersonal relationships, it is not them. Hopefully this will make sense as you soak in the poem and the painting. ONE LOVE track by O.N.E

Rap-A-laide & Mind Control Music video (shortened)

Adelaide Marcus ( is a multifaceted Artist. Often called a visionary or a Renaissance women, Adelaide has created a career in Art forms that include performance, visual, and music. Projects like MIND CONTROL seem to blend them all. This project marks the completion of a FULL vision. Adelaide created the alias "Rap-A-laide" as an excuse to vocally and visually elaborate concepts she was already painting and writing about. "Rap-A-laide" adds a whimsical opportunity to create music videos that not only show the process of a pARTicular painting, but also animate and bring to life deep-rooted messages. The first video created titled "I'm an Artist," introduces the character and the second, "Imagine That” introduces an art series she was working on for a couple of years called "Imagine That," in which the head of the figure is cut open to represent the imagination/mind. MIND CONTROL painting (which can be seen on Adelaide’s website) is a pART of that series yet implies social commentary that goes beyond the idea positive, imaginative and colorful imagery. The black and white theater masks represent the tendency to allow our emotions to be controlled by an unseen 'director' or 'puppeteer.' MIND CONTROL lyrics and video take the viewer on a journey from a harsh reality into the power of the human spirit to SHINE. This Creative Music Video project will be a one of a kind piece of history for ever! SO ENJOY and SHARE!:) Credits Directed and Produced by Aaron Aeon and Adelaide Marcus Lyrics by Adelaide Marcus Music by Aaron Aeon Vocals recorded by Bryan Bubba Richards at of Abstract Recording Rapalaide: Adelaide Marcus Graffiti Artist: Evan Rumble Stilted Puppet Masters: Nathaniel Douglas Allenby Rachel Dragonfly Black and White Puppet Dancers: Laura Downing Jennifer Curry Wingrove Love Warriors: Ignacio Hernandez Adam Rudder Ken Klausen Keng Doja Emerald Mayo Angie Arndt Darya Livshits Tera Bates Alexandria DeVita Mona Victoria Dovensky Marcus Sullivan Jessica Kids: Justive Sullivan Guiseppe Sullivan Anneesah Sullivan 1st Assistant Cameraman: David O'Leary Production Assistant: David Milano Puppet Created by Jackie Tauber Mural Art by Maxx Moses Painting by Adelaide Marcus

Granny-laide silly character play by Performance artist Adelaide Marcus

After years of sexy and seductive characters and performances, Adelaide Marcus ( decided to get silly and teach her belly dance class as a granny on halloween. This is an improve video clip of granny-laide's "Warm up." Enjoy the giggles and view a spectrum of Adelaide talents on Art By Adelaid eyoutube channel!

Totem Animal Oil Painting: Start to finish by Symbolic Artist Adelaide Marcus

Adelaide Marcus ( paints the spirit realms. This piece is a sort of self portrait bringing in her animal totems and real life pets. She is a patient artist who used mixed mediums. Enjoy a peak into her process in this oil painting. She sells all her heART work and is open to commissions. Contact Adelaide if your interested!

The Shimmy Sisters Sensual Sword Dance to Light Rain

The Shimmy Sisters ( are second generation Syrian Belly Dancers. This Live Show is extra special because the Shimmy Sisters (Adelaide and Leilainia) dance to Light Rain, a band their mother performed to while pregnant. Got the the shimmies sister's website to find out how to hire them for your next special event. They also teach classes.

Adelaide Marcus Belly Dance Solo to Light Rain

Adelaide Marcus ( is one half of the Shimmy Sisters, a 2nd generation soul-full belly dance company. This performance was extra special because Light Rain is the Band her mother would dance to while Adelaide was in the Womb! check out The Shimmy Sisters to hire them for Private parties or contact Adelaide Marcus if you want to learn how to embrace this feminine dance form.

Third Eye Progress: Chakra Mandala Coloring Book

Artist Adelaide Marcus created a High Quality Adult coloring book called Chakra Mandalas, and has been personally coloring in the series along with others who have purchased the book. Enjoy this view into how she gets so many layers and mixed medium into one page. To find out more about the book go to There you can find before and after pictures of all the pages as well as a write up on each page/chakra to help guide your experience while mindfully coloring.

Sock Puppet Making and Improv Play-shop at the creation station.

MAKE YOUR OWN SOCK PUPPET IMPROV! Learning how to construct your own sock puppet while accessing your childlike imagination to its fullest potential!!! This workshop took place in the lovely backyard of the "Creation Station" and home of Adelaide Marcus. Co-hosted and facilitated by Adelaide and whimsical Puppeteer Angie Arndt, this Playshop set you up to take home a new fun and animated friend! People are encouraged to create a character based on suggested personality traits, interact with other puppets through improv games. Wanna book a puppet pARTy for your next private event? contact Adelaide

Chakra Mandalas: Private Birthday Coloring pARTy

To find out how to get your hands on Chakra Mandalas and Host a Coloring pARTy go to

Chakra Mandalas: Mindful Coloring Book by Adelaide Marcus

Chakra Mandalas: Mindful Coloring Book is a launching (sketch) pad designed to inspire genuine creativity while grounding into a meditative focal point. Each page is infused with intent to bring forth vibrancy and encourage young spirits & old souls to create heART-work they can frame with a sense of pride. Use Chakra Mandalas as a guide towards self-healing and as gateway to being a pART of the growing COLOR-full commUNITY. Learn more and buy the book at Music by: O.N.E