"Liquid Oasis"-DJ SubConscious Official Music Video (featuring Adelaide Marcus)

Marco Marcus ( also know as DJ SubConscious from Ninja Nation) is a Producer and DJ that is recognized for his ability to get any pARTy stARTed. He creates Original music from drum and base to psychedelic world vibes. This Music Video to track titled "Liquid Oasis" shows timeless journey in between realms. Drift along this stream of the SubConscious Mind! Blend your child-like imagination with the nurturing warmth of mother nature herself. Dive into the depths of possibilities. AND Fly above the clouds across sand dunes near and far. Credits: Vision: Adelaide Marcus Music: Marco Marcus ( Aka DJ SubConcsious) Video: Akira Chan & Albert Rivera Special appearance by: Adelaide and Leilainia Marcus of The ShimmySisters Duncan Earle (seed Planter) Liberty Smith (little girl)

A Path To Performing: Amateur Vs Professional section of Online course

Adelaide Marcus ( and Sarah Jordan ( partnered up to create an online course that paves the way on A PATH TO PERFORMING. They breat down the Art of entertainment by including: - Getting StARTed - Setting The Stage - Get Your Act Together - More To It: Music, Props and Mishaps - Character Development - Makeup - Costuming - Setting your Price - Making the Sale - Performers Toolkit - VIP links and Videos check out the FULL course here:

Adelaide Marcus Talks About A Path To Performing- The Art of Professional Entertainment e- course

♥ Win a spot in The Path To Performing online course: starring Adelaide Marcus ( and Sarah Jordan ( Video created by Chad Jordan ( What with you learn in the FULL e-course? - Benefits of performing - How you know your ready - Setting the stage - How to set your price - Making the Sale - Getting your act together - Character Development - Makeup - Costumes - Musicality - Performers Toolkit ....and MORE check it out:)

The Path To Performing The Art Of Professional Entertainment

♥ Win a spot in The Path To Performing online course: starring Adelaide Marcus ( and Sarah Jordan ( Video created by Chad Jordan ( What with you learn in the FULL e-course? - Benefits of performing - How you know your ready - Setting the stage - How to set your price - Making the Sale - Getting your act together - Character Development - Makeup - Costumes - Musicality - Performers Toolkit ....and MORE check it out:)

Mermaidz- Mermaid Rap Music Video

Entertainer Adelaide Marcus (, Beat maker F-serpent and Videographer Albert Rivera joined forces to create a Trifecta of Magical Forces! Their combined Talents AND imagination gave birth to this mystical and humorous mermaid Rap Video. Who would of thought Disney, Trap music and Rap would got together so well! Want to see more? Let us know in the comments and subscribe to Art By Adelaide youtube channel! meet the Artists ~Mermaid, Rapper, Songwriter, performer, director and painter~ www.Art ~producer, lyricist, musician, director, voice over artist~ ~ Videographer, editor, painter and digital sculptor~

Adelaide Marcus's Basic Middle Eastern Makeup Tutorial for The Path To Performing

To see more tutorials and to learn the Art of Professional Entertainment check out A Path To Performing E-course! course still being edited subscribe here:

Adelaide Marcus Performs twerk qi gong and hip hop belly dance

Adelaide Marcus ( has always been one to think out of the box and set her own style on her own path. As a Rapper, Belly Dancer, and practicer of Qi gong and over all body awareness, it was only a matter of time before Adelaide found a way to integrate them all. She currently teaches a workshop called That Hot, which combines these art forms in a playful and sexy way. She encorporates the ideas of Chinese philosohy and yin yang relativity as well as embracing pop culture.. then she sprinkles a bit of under ground hip hop flavor on top. This performance is the embodiment of what she teaches in the workshop. What is hotter than a flaming headdress with twerk action below? subscribe to Art By Adelaide youtube channel to see more:)

Rap A laide Freestyles on stage at Winston's with Destructo Bunny and Q Ortiz

Rap-A-laide Live show at Winstons! First FULL solo set. She invites up Q Ortiz and Distructo Bunny for a Free style. more talent at

Art By Adelaide presents: Rap-A-laide & Mind Control Official Music Video

Adelaide Marcus ( is a multifaceted Artist. Often called a visionary or a Renaissance women, Adelaide has created a career in Art forms that include performance, visual, and music. Projects like MIND CONTROL seem to blend them all. This project marks the completion of a FULL vision. Adelaide created the alias "Rap-A-laide" as an excuse to vocally and visually elaborate concepts she was already painting and writing about. "Rap-A-laide" adds a whimsical opportunity to create music videos that not only show the process of a pARTicular painting, but also animate and bring to life deep-rooted messages. The first video created titled "I'm an Artist," introduces the character and the second, "Imagine That” introduces an art series she was working on for a couple of years called "Imagine That," in which the head of the figure is cut open to represent the imagination/mind. MIND CONTROL painting (which can be seen on Adelaide’s website) is a pART of that series yet implies social commentary that goes beyond the idea positive, imaginative and colorful imagery. The black and white theater masks represent the tendency to allow our emotions to be controlled by an unseen 'director' or 'puppeteer.' MIND CONTROL lyrics and video take the viewer on a journey from a harsh reality into the power of the human spirit to SHINE. This Creative Music Video project will be a one of a kind piece of history for ever! SO ENJOY and SHARE!:) Credits Directed and Produced by Aaron Aeon and Adelaide Marcus Lyrics by Adelaide Marcus Music by Aaron Aeon Vocals recorded by Bryan Bubba Richards at of Abstract Recording Rapalaide: Adelaide Marcus Graffiti Artist: Evan Rumble Stilted Puppet Masters: Nathaniel Douglas Allenby Rachel Dragonfly Black and White Puppet Dancers: Laura Downing Jennifer Curry Wingrove Love Warriors: Ignacio Hernandez Adam Rudder Ken Klausen Keng Doja Emerald Mayo Angie Arndt Darya Livshits Tera Bates Alexandria DeVita Mona Victoria Dovensky Marcus Sullivan Jessica Kids: Justive Sullivan Guiseppe Sullivan Anneesah Sullivan 1st Assistant Cameraman: David O'Leary Production Assistant: David Milano Puppet Created by Jackie Tauber Mural Art by Maxx Moses Painting by Adelaide Marcus

Art By Adelaide Poem behind the Painting "As Above So below"

Adelaide Marcus ( always has poems, descriptions and even music video behind all of her paintings. Here is a little short poem that both inspired and inspired by the 'Flip' painting, 'As Above So Below.' Enjoy! And subscribe to Art By Adelaide youtube channel to see more!

Back to the ONE- Q Ortiz and Adelaide Marcus beatbox rap

This is what happens when Adelaide Marcus has lyrics but no beat and then spends a night hanging with Q Ortiz:) Hope you enjoy this fun somewhat improvised collab. I you would like to see more about what Adelaide marcus does including painting, snake charming and rapping check out

Adelaide Marcus- 8 year short interview

Adelaide Marcus ( has been a professional entertainer and visual artist since 2005. Her talents stretch from Belly dance, to unicycling, to psychedelic art and even rapping. This old video clip can give you an idea of why Adelaide finds no problem being an out of the box thinker in the public spotlight. Her father helped bring together the family band, No U-turn, and 6 year old Adelaide became the front lady. She would make up the songs on the spot and then repeat them at various shows. This clip is from her fathers b day party. Her father, Hal Marcus, is also a professional artist and musician and over all great business mentor. He made cassettes out of the bands songs. The band lasted until Adelaide was around 13 years old at which point she felt too cool and too shy to be a part of the family group. However she is now stepping on to the stage with a mike again. reunion?!

Short clip from Body as Temple- Rap-A-laide's first Festival performance

Short Clip of Body As Temple track performed by Adelaide Marcus as Rap-A-laide. Performed at the Monarch stage at YOUtopia Festival 2014. find out more about Adelaide and her many talents and characters at

Live Report turns into improvised sound at the Ruidoso Cabin with adelaide Marcus and Q Ortiz

Adelaide Marcus ( and Q Ortiz decided to spend a couple days off the map at Adelaide's fathers cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico. While there, they couldn't help but play with video, sound, and silliness. Enjoy this improvised tree house jam and subscribe to you tube channel to see more fin treats. Also check out Adelaide's visual art and more at

Breeze: collab song by Adelaide Marcus & Q Ortiz

In the woods of Ruidoso New Mexico, Adelaide Marcus ( and Q Ortiz, soaked up the opportunity to play in the wind and share their brand new collaboration, song titled "Breeze". Put together in a couple days these 2 clearly have a flow worth tapping more into. Check out videos to come by subscribing to Art By Adelaide youtube channel! more artistic magic at