I heART Music

i heart musicAs Adelaide dances through this life, the most important thing is FEELing the beat. Music truly is a muse to Adelaide and her relationship with it has many layers from letting it move her in performance, to guiding her paintbrush, and more recently opening up vocally. Through her process as a Visionary Artist she has become confident in using her voice to share meaning behind art. Now those ‘meanings’ are being turned intointo songs, raps and harmonies. ‘I heART Music’ is the first of her Music as Muse series and was created mostly at public events with original DJ sets and live music. The figures hand on her heart expresses her passion for the MUSE-ic that is oozing out of her. The keyboard patterning was inspired by a mural Adelaide created at a house where _Liquid Blue_ band lives.

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