Passion ‘n HeART

passion and heartThis passionate and compassionate goddess was created in the desert and inspired from a Burning man photo shoot, in which I wore a headdress and placed my hands on different chakras. She is the expressing both the fire we create thru our drive, desire, and passion AND the compassion we can achieve through our heart space that brings forth patients, sincerity, and of course….LOVE.  She is presenting the mudra of wisdom over her heart and also holding a seed that grows out into a spiral,   Following the shape of the Nautilus shell. The spiral is a common element of Sacred Geometry as well as to all natural development. Spirals in nature tend to follow the Golden Ratio (Phi) or Fibonacci Sequence in their rates of expansion. The shell, in this painting, also cools the fire enery to create balance and calmness in the heart. Her eyes are green like the heart chakra and appear full of care and nurture. She indeed is a wise native, helping us remember the power in our connection to self and nature. The title has a double meaning, passion ‘n heart, speaks to my above text, and the capital A-R-T speaks to my personal passion to be a creator and visionary ARTist.

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