Sharing heART Space

sharing heART spaceThis creation is the organic blending from my Imagine That series into From the heART series. I wanted to create a piece that was very “organic” in its approach. After creating a very “methodological” creation, One Faith, I decided to create this one live and channel all the energy from different environments. I wanted to add to my Imagine That series an image for 2 people being in support of each other and sharing an imaginative space. ‘Imaginative space’ if very important to me… the space of the third eye, the space of vision. Without this space my creations could not exist…this is where they are born! This is a shared space, where we can collectively envision our master pieces! After all, We are the masters we are the creators. This couple is perfectly balanced, held and supported. I can see them on a scale being held up by the eye up top. This eye represents the 3rd eye and the all seeing eye of Horus, eye of knowledge and the mystery of the ancient pyramids. The triangle is a strong symbol to me and in this painting it represents the observer. The heart explosion was not a planned part of this creation but just seemed to be the most natural addition. The vine grows in the shape of a yin yang, once again representing balance (in motion) like the sun and the moon and their dance which creates our cycle of light and dark. Created while sharing heart space with my supportive community. EnJOY this art from the HeART.

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