The Cycle of Thought & Creation

cycle of life art This piece stemmed from a drawing Icreated in high school. I wasn’t fully aware of its significance until I titled it, which happens frequently, especially with channeled creations like this, brought to life in a very open and evolving space. Created mostly live in a variety of public venues, my devotion to this piece allowed me to pull in, harness and focus energy in sometimes scattered environments. This creation compliments the over arching concept in myImagine That series, which symbolically expresses that our minds and our ability to create new ideas shape reality as we know it. Our thoughts give birth to outer REALities and therefor our outer manifestations are as REAL as what we perceive in our inner world. This creature is neither male nor female, yet has aspects of the both. The sun in the beard represents the male and the moon on forehead represents the female, yet also is a common symbol in Hindu and Muslim mythology. The Creature resembles hanuman the Hindu monkey god who is worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. I also see the CREATure as pART lion, representing courage and brevity with dreadlocks of history and creativity. It is A-symmetrical with one eye noticeably bigger, which in toltec traditions, shows that the being is a ‘dreamer’. From its brain stems an unraveling cortex that becomes the umbilical cord of a fetus. Thoughts give life! The cotex wraps around a flower that spews out paint the same color as the unborn child. To me, flowers and all of nature, represents life as much as the human form. I also see the relationship between creating art and creating literal life as very related. I have yet to be pregnant

, but I do see my creations as my children, something I have indeed created, yet also something that takes on a life of it own, and affects people on a very individual and personal level. This creation specifically blends that relationship through its 2 dimensional expression of The cycle of Thought and Creation.


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