Mindful Coloring Book

Chakra Mandalas: Mindful Coloring Book is a launching (sketch) pad designed to inspire genuine creativity while grounding into a meditative focal point. Each page is infused with intent to bring forth vibrancy and encourage young spirits & old souls to create heART-work they can frame with a sense of pride. Use Chakra Mandalas as a guide towards self-healing and as gateway to being a pART of the growing COLOR-full commUNITY.

There’s a direct link between our hands, our minds and our heARTS that can be both physically relaxing and spiritually uplifting. Chakra Mandalas Coloring Book blurs the lines between tranquility and discipline by offering a creative focal point. Think of each page as a “vision board,” a tangible reminder of an inner experience that develops through coloring. Every symbolic creation offers a window into an aspect of yourself that can be hung on your wall with a sense of pride.

Light up your home with your uniquely expressive Chakra Art Series. Chakra Mandalas is not 30+ pages of computer-generated images for quick coloring. It’s truly about quality; most importantly quality time while creating with yourself, other artists, and your family. Designed for kids of ALL ages, it reminds us of the timelessness of our purest emotions.

Aside from specific benefits accompanying the act of coloring, the book can help facilitate:

  • Friends coming together to share inspired space
  • Families enjoying an activity that is intellectually & emotionally stimulating for every age
  • Creating a healing setting for those dealing with trauma, anxiety, or stressful work environments
  • Self-reflective time to chill out and tune into your mind & body’s energy centers (chakras)
  • Stimulating your creative juices
  • Adorning your home
  • Gifting heart-filled creations

When did we decide we should grow out of magical childhood activities? When did we limit spiritual growth to yoga mats and lotus poses? Move past your “monkey mind,” dive into the center of a mandala and explore each chakra. You may be happily surprised by the insightful metaphors that come to life through the creation process itself. Be Mindful – Give Chakra Mandalas a ColorFULL makeover.