adelaide hoop montage

Adelaide’s hoop dance performances allow viewers to unwind while captivated by an unbounded spiral of energy. Adelaide is one of the top hoop dancers in the US, recognized for her in acrobatic moves, contortion, and foot hooping. Adelaide has a variety of hoops in different colors and sizes that include hoops for daytime shows and hoops for darker settings.
LED hoops glow and shift colors leaving cosmic tracers as the dancer gleams like stars falling from the sky. Double hoops are used intermittently creating a blur of color to get the viewer lost in space and time. Great for performing with DJs or musicians at festivals, clubs, and any outdoor night event.
The fire hoop presents a tribal fearlessness, and will surely blow the minds of all who see. Adelaide will typically add the Fire hoop as a finally to her Fire shows.
Adelaide’s hoop show, Infinite Spiraling Energy, includes 2-3 other performers and leads viewers on a journey from simple sunset pleasures, into our galaxy, and to the burning roots that keep us motivated and inspired.

Gypsy Hoop Fusion