After seeing the word “Rapper” people start to really question the integrity behind Adelaide’s, multi-faceted claims. Carrying free-styling and song writing skillz even from a young age of 6, as head singer in a family band, Adelaide herself wasn’t quite sure how this talent would fit into her already established career as a performing and visual artist. Then the idea of Rap-A-laide was born…Rap-A-laide is an alias, who is also an artist, yet has a sassy personality and is a lyrical diva. Rap-A-laide’s lyrical inspirations stem from concepts that are also a pART of Visionary Art pieces. For example ‘Think Globally” is a global concept, a painting, and now a song with a music video in the making. Many of the music videos share the process of the painting. There are a variety of videos and tracks in the works and you can stay posted on the Art By Adelaide you tube page Rap-A- laide playlist.

rap-a-laide puppet

Rap-A-laide is also a guest on a new puppet web series, Space Puppets. She appears in both human and puppet form education and inspiring kids thru art and song.

Rap-A-laide is available for private parties, college events, kids birthdays, interviews, TV appearances and more! Contact Adelaide with your ideas.

*** soundcloud coming soon