Back To Life

Back to Life


mixed media 2014

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‘Back to Life’ was a step in a new direction in terms of Adelaide’s approach to painting. She bought the original painting at the Swap Meet for the frame. It was a killer deal and she was planning on priming the painting underneath to start a fresh creation. After sitting in the pile of unfinished work for a while, Adelaide pulled out the existing creation with a new perspective. Being a Visionary Artist that typically draws ideas from root to finish, she thought it could be nice to loosen up by working on a pre existing piece and tying a concept into that. The original piece was a “still life” from an unknown artist who worked in a factory producing “chain art”. This was perfect opportunity for Adelaide to bring motion into the stillness, color into the greys, and life to the wilted flowers, by adding her own touch yet loosening up on her own ideas by just flowing what exists. There are always so many metaphors in art;)! Though she did not originally intent this, this creation opened up the platform for an inspiration Adelaide has been toying with for a long while…. The inspiration is the idea of death and furthermore the reality of death. As Adelaide says, “There are only 2 things I can guarantee in this world… Life and Death.” To Adelaide the acceptance of our ending fate, makes life so much more precious, and the impermanence of our existence inspires her to life fully and passionately. The day of the dead figure in this painting represents the archetype of the living dead. To Adelaide, she is a celebration death and thus celebration life as well. The cycle is a natural part of nature. Adelaide cannot say weather or not she 100% believes in multiple lives, as that lies in the unknown, however as an artist she feels empowered with the ability to bring things to life in this life time, and recreate the old with new and the new with newer. As Lovers and Livers, we have the ability to dust off the cobwebs and resurrect resurge and brighten energy. “Back to Life” is the perfect example!

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