Communicate Within- symbolic art

Communicate Within


Original size 24×30 (oil painting) 2011

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Up above, the Mind has perspective and looks over the beating heart and burning fire.
It brings rain to Fire as Fire roars loudly, ” I am passion, fire, and momentous creativity. I warm the body and make it feel alive!”
and indeed my body agrees
“But wait,” says the mind, ” What will happen when the wood burns out?”
The crackling fire responds though my lips in moans and sighs. Language has always been a challenge for Fire.
The next day the Mind asks again, ” What will happen when the wood burns out?”
But this time no reply
“You see” says the mind, ” When Fire sizzles down and the rain pours, it is dormant until its turned on once more. It only lives in the moment and forgets about anything else. fire does not realize itself or its instability. ”
The young heart openly listens. Beginning to understand, it says,” I am emotion, I am processing, and I too am constantly changing. But I am real…. always!”
“How do you know?” asks the mind
“Because I feel it” the honest heart replies.
The mind giggles as it understands the truth of the heart, and it begins to fall into its stream.
Recalling memories of happiness, moments of feeling loved, and moments of passion and desire
Instantly, the flame is re-ignited, and the body lights up
“Here we are” say the Mind, heart and Fire, ” ” A new day begins.”

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