Compassion in heart

ComPASSION in HeART- Print (11×14)


Original size 24×30 (oil painting) 2013


Product Description

Created at a weekend Dessert gathering, this caring goddess blew in with the wind. She is a part of Adelaide’s ‘From the HeART’ Art series. She represents the importance of both the heat of passion and the cooling nature of the green heart. With the healthy balance of love and fire, she embodies a compassionate front. Her hands create a mudra at the heart, hold a seed that grows into the spiral vortex of the nautilus shell. The blue bubble at her throat represents authenticity in communication, which connects to her ability to empathize. Her wise eyes say it all. Like most of her paintings, this woman represents aspects of Adelaide. Being engrossed in Native American traditions and ceremonies, Adelaide felt called to add the feathered headdress as a way to show the native women as a tender to the sacred fire.

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