Cycle of Life- whimsical art

Cycle of Life- Print (11×14)


Original size 30×24 (acrylic painting) 2013


Product Description

Although whimsical and cute, ‘The Cycle of Life’ is full of depth and symbolism! It’s pARTicularly special because it directly links to one of Adelaide’s fathers’ art creations titled ‘The Magic Bus,’ which shows Adelaide and her performance group on a tour bus full of weird and awesome friends and symbols! In his creation her father, Hal Marcus, is driving the bus. In Adelaide’s, she painted one of her characters/alias’ driving the vehicle. Her unique style is actually very similar her fathers, which not too many people get to appreciate considering they live in different states. Like all of her creations, the view can learn a lot about Adelaide through the painting. For example she does ride a unicycle, play music and juggle. Though those are all more literal examples. Watch this video to learn more about the symbolism of the piece and SEE its process!

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