default evolution

Default Evolution- Print (11×14)


Original size 36×24 (Acrylic painting) 2012


Product Description

The inspiration for this piece was a collection of multiple ideas/projects that formed during of a significant chapter of Adelaide’s life. Driving down the highway one night, Adelaide imagined what it would look like to have trees take over and smash down buildings. That image played a big role in this post-apocalyptic creation. It came to fruition during a time when she was working on a video project in which she painted her face as she did the women in the painting. Both the video project, part of a series called ” Conscious Collaborations,” and the painting share the same message. Instead of thinking of destruction and breakdown as a harsh, painful experience, it can be seen as part of the process that leads into the unknown. The Robots represent a mechanical version of a human who operates off patterns and auto responses. Their home in the city of lights has been taken over by life and the streets are cracked representing the broken path they are on. Yet in this collapse they discover more than routine and meaningless actions. The heart represents what is behind the mechanical outer shell. The Robots are fleeing and the male is tipping his hat as if saying goodbye to one way of existence and hello to another. The Circuit board in his brain is a whimsical way of showing his thoughts/ability to process. They are on clearly on a path in a collapsing electronic world, yet their future story is left open ended. When that is all they knew…. what will these robots do next? They are modern day archetypes that inspired this creation at a crucial point in tomorrow’s history. This painting, like the ones before, will be a part of the biography of Adelaides’ life story and the state of world as we knew it.

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