Divine Matrix- spiritual art

Divine Matrix- Print (11×14)


Original size 24×18 (acrylic painting) 2011


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To get started on this commissioned Art piece. Adelaide was sent a list of the following words: Love, Peace, Stillness, Connectedness, Astral projection, Source, Divine Matrix, Hologram, and Shifting Consciousness. She began to visualize while ehile the clients/friends at an incredible spiritual festival at a desert oasis in Mexico called El Canyon De Guadalupe. When Adelaide left she took home the magic of the canyon and funneled it into the painting. This is where the rocks, palms trees, the blooming Ocotillo cactus, water, and the Lady of Guadalupe came from. The body of water represents stillness because it is not being filtered in by any other body or stream. Yet, there are ripples rippling out from the mermaid fin that make up the woman’s face. The mermaid, a familiar example of fantasy, leaves a path of stars and glitter that trails into the night sky. The sky is the cosmos and just as it is in the top half of the painting, it represents the top sections of our consciousness and our relationship with source. The earth is connected with roots and the sky is connected in many layers. The divine matrix grid is peaking through the stars and planets and a faint profile of a face. This is a man’s face, like father sky, astrally projected and hovering in the clouds and space of our universe. Adelaide placed each face at different quadrants of the painting bring in the subconscious flow of yin yang symbol, as well as illustrate them being reflections of each other. This and the implied heart shape of the large sky spirals illustrate their love for each other. This painting, like many, is a window. It allows the clients and viewers to look at it and through it to a place where they remember the peaceful nature of the canyon, our connection to the divinity of life, and the awakening of the human spirit.

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