Evolving Spirit headdress- sacred art

Evolving Spirit Headdress- Print (11×14)


Original size 18×36 (oil painting) 2013


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She evolved from a precious art sketch created back in High school. More than that, she represents the evolution of Adelaide’s art in general, and more importantly Adelaide herself! After lots of commissions, followed by soul searching and traveling, Adelaide felt a call to do some personal (non commissioned) pieces. Evolving Spirit Headdress was the perfect one to start with. Starting on the canvas with out a sketch, Adelaide herself was shocked at how much the women looked like her…..But go figure, it is a Cat Serpent Bird Lady. She has always felt connected to these three animals. They have shown up (figuratively and literally) in her life in so many ways. The connection strengthened after her trip to Peru, where the 3 animals are depicted together to represent the under world (snake), the world we live & walk on (cat) and the heavens (bird). This Painting is a pART of her Imagine That Art series that shows people’s minds opened up to represent the imagination. In this case it is clearly her crown chakra opened up to the heavens and the spirit of her animals.

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