eye am knowledge

Eye Am Knowledge


Original size 40×30 (oil painting) 2014

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I Am knowledge expresses the empowering feeling of a deep sense of ‘knowing.’ Adelaide feels power and knowledge dance hand in hand. The more we ‘know’ the more freedom we have to choose what we truly want. She views knowledge as an expanding idea, not a “know it all” type of thing. A person who knows that we are only a small part of a big mystery knows that life extends beyond what we SEE and therefor has perspective to look beyond. The focal point in this painting shows the Eye of knowledge at the top of the pyramid. Often referred as Eye of Providence or the All Seeing Eye this is a symbol many of us see daily on dollar bills. The pyramid itself is a strong symbol with multiple interpretations, including indicating a sort of hierarchy. Power at the top can unfortunately lead to imbalances, not serving the blinded many. To flip the coin, this painting shows the pyramid and the eye as part of a human, symbolizing bring the knowledge to the self. Know Thyself and know the world around you, which YOU create. We give life to our thoughts and our thoughts create our life. If the many blinded open to this the many will no longer be blind. The light bulbs are a classic icon that represents ideas, bright ones at that. The flowers inside of them represent seed thoughts. To me, these are like possibilities we plant in our minds that grow stronger over time. These could be “I am capable” or contrary, “I am weak.” The more you water these seeds the higher they grow and the stronger the roots become. Perhaps its time to do some weed pulling;) The background of this piece represents frequency. The zig zags remind Adelaide of a cartoon style TV screen that is not on a particular channel. She thought it would be fun to create something bold and repetitive like this to mimic a ‘Pop Art’ style overlaid with bizarre concepts and psychedelic skin patterning. All of this making it a unique piece of Art and a visual reminder that indeed you are and I AM…knowledge.

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