Fooled in Love

Fooled in Loved


40×30 oil 2015

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Fooled in Love was inspired by Adelaide’s character Miss Giggle’s and another professional clown, ‘Dango.’ It is yet another example of how Adelaide’s creations often create a twisted yet accurate life biography that colorfully depicts all of her phases, alias’, and inspiring friends. Miss Giggles’ dress is yellow with poca dots like the background of the painting. The figure, ‘Dango,’ also symbolizes the ‘Trickster’ or ‘Fool’, common archetypes in tarot cards or story lines. In Adelaide’s life he has played a big role in giggles, admiration and romance, though she would be the fool fall in love with him, as they say fools rush in. Yet, as the bubble play takes shape, it hard not to get your head in the clouds, and it appears that indeed both the trickster and the viewer of bubble beauty are fools fooled in Love. Aside from this poetic play on reality, this creation offered Adelaide an opportunity to break away from pieces of deep new age symbolism, while also giving her a chance to used a male muse. Lastly it brings in a cool artistic technique in that it has 3 levels of dimension, from the flat poca dots in background to the puffy clouds to translucent bubbles that float across it all. What a treat of the eyes, mind and heART. enJOY!

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