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I AM…that I AM

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24×30 acrylic 2017

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I AM…that I AM

I am the minds eye reflecting the wisdom of my womb

To heaven and earth I elongate, my spine extends

I am mudra in motion finding balance in moments of impermanent perfection

I am as solid as a composition made fluid by design

Even when starred upon in stillness, my structure may never take form

I am the embodiment of the delicate nature of the most natural beauty

Like a flower I grow innately but am inevitably affected by the changing seasons

I am powerful in my ability to draw strengths from my weakness

I AM…that I AM

I am womb wisdom reflecting the insight of my minds eye

What eye am is what I see…with eyes wide shut

I am the center of my universe

My yoni breaths… centering me

I am as odd as the number 3

And balance by a 3rd perspective point

I am as direct as a triangle

My guide is my focus

I am as firm as the muscles that hold by bones

and as liquid as the water that nourishes my muscles.

I am the protector of my openness

and I am the struggle to know how much and when is too much.

The establisher of boundaries

And the pusher of buttons

I am the spectrum of life…I AM… Life itself.

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16×20, 24×30

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    Thank God! Sonmoee with brains speaks!

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