Imagine That art series

Imagine That- Print (11×14)


Original size 24×30 (oil painting) 2013


Product Description

‘Imagine That’ was the stART to a large conceptual series that inspired a great deal of Adelaide’s art work. Adelaide’s colorful “style” alone provokes the imagination. Combine that with concepts that literally and figuratively represent the minds ability to create innovate realities and you have an added layer of depth into the concept of our powerful Imagination. Adelaide truly believes and has experienced 1st hand the ability to bring to reality that which we create in our minds. Using our imagination we can come up with limitless ideas and by integrating that with our minds ability to “see” the logistics, we can piece the possibilities into a concrete manifestation. This creation titled ‘Imagine That’ represents all this. The flowers are a common way Adelaide visually describes sprouting thoughts. This piece also marks a time when Adelaide began to incorporate sacred geometry symbols into her art such as the ‘flower of life,’ ‘fruit of life’ and the ‘sri-yantra’.
Below there is a Rap Adelaide wrote based on this concept.
Look up Rap-A-laide- Imagine That on youtube to see music Video and a funny yet informative interview

Imagine That
Let you mind go free
Making worlds, making wind, floating in the breeze
Swimming in the seas, everything with ease
We can see it when we’re higher that the tallest trees
Imagine That
Let your mind open
Imagine the reality that you were hoping
Imagine yourself like your already there
Like the world is fair, we’re not afraid to care
or stare into each others eyes
and we can see it all cuz were do high up in in the skies
Imagine that
All the sacred knowledge, that encompasses all us
in our geometry, reflexology, biology
down to the cell and molecular layer
and out of our mouth when we’re saying our prayers
and into our being when we remember, we get it
then we can sing it forever, won’t ever forget it.
Imagine that
Imagery that’s a fact, That words can’t prove
worlds that move
its hard to track, but if you can, just for a second
imagine that
THAT is what you imagine
you do it with your thoughts, now get more graphic
and you can see what will happen
when imagining
begin to bring 2 realities into sync
release resistance, with persistence
2 existences combine
If your along for the ride.
Lets see what we find
so close your eyes
when you go inside you won’t be blind
…now that’s a wrap

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