In Harmony (crop)

In Harmony (cropped)


(acrylic painting) 2011

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Titled In Harmony, this piece was a custom creation for a musical couple. “Harmony” is displayed both in the romantic relationship with each other as well as musical concord. The Chakras pull in the idea of being in alignment/harmony with ones self through the connection to spirit. The crown chakra is represented by the hole in the top of the head letting in the cosmic universe and higher intelligence into the body. The male is very faint in color, giving the illusion that he is nearly evaporated into space, while the feminine has solid lines and thicker paint to represent grounded earth qualities. Together there is a harmonious human balance. Like all of us, they carry characteristics of both the male and female. This was the first painting in which Adelaide used a reference to create symbols. The blue throat chakra spreads into the full figure and represents communication and voice. The green heart chakra, located at her breast is the center of this creation. The 2nd sexual chakra is shown with a heart surrounding it supported by a compassionate hand. The root chakra is a part of the tree and roots, which incorporate musical notes. The seashell and sea weed are there to remind us of flow, balanced on the other side with leafy tree greens to remind the viewer of stability and health. ALL of these reminders are a pART of being In Harmony.

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