Its just natural- lion art

It’s Just Natural


Original size 24×30 (oil painting) 2013

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It’s Just Natural expresses the energy of intimacy and instinct. These Love making Lions are creating a figure 8 of energy as they connect in abstract sensuality. The painting expresses primal action, combined with elements of human compassion. As humans sexuality is more than reproductive survival, it’s expansion through a balance of masculine and feminine. A time of surrender, release and played out desire. The energy blasting open from the males heart shows a tunnel that is being opened up as swirls of energy are released. The lioness is a joyful part of the powerful circuit. This circuit of energy is present in all of us, and moving energy around in a figure 8 (as we often do in belly dance and Qi Gong) is a healthy natural way to keep energy flowing infinitely. The composition of the piece is similar to a yin yang, and has a feng shui flow to it, where the eye can continue to travel like a river throughout the panting without getting stuck. This painting is also full of texture! The Main is thick like dreadlocks and there is lots of sand in the paint as Adelaide started this creation at a weekend dessert pARTy:)

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