Jaguar Dream Spirit- ayahuasca art

Jaguar Dream Spirit- Print (11×14)


Original size 24×18 (acrylic painting) 2011


Product Description

After Traveling in Peru, Adelaide was inspired to create this Art piece. This is the Jaguar that roams the jungles in our minds. This creation includes the sacred jaguar, the Ayahuasca vines, and the traditional Shapibo Tribe designs. Working on this was like a dream. Focusing on repeated patterns with special attention to detail was trance inducing. The piece is very personal to Adelaide yet can speak to a wide audience, giving insight into a different culture and ways of existence. The Amazonian Shapibo Tribe art is very region specific. For it to be conveyed on a canvas on the other side of the world brings its consciousness to new eyes. This is of great importance to Adelaide, for we can look up to indigenous cultures as role models for how to live with the earth.
Watch video to see Adelaide Talk about the piece

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