look on the brigth side re-created

Look on the Bright Side (re-created)- Original (mixed media 18×24) 2012


Adelaide's Originals hold the truest colors of Adelaide's intentions. They are also full of texture and brush strokes that make an original so valuable and irreplaceable. More importantly, the original holds and emanates all the energy that was put into it during the time of creation. Adelaide's work comes from the soul and therefor the Originals are priceless. Yet, a price tag allows Adelaide to keep painting new ones and sharing her ideas with the world. As she continues to do so her career as an artist continues to expand and the originals (old and new) increase in value, for there will only ever be ONE original.

If you are in San Diego and would like to make an appointment to see the originals in person at Adelaide's home studio, contact Adelaide.


Product Description

This piece titled ” Look on the Bright Side Re-created.” Takes some of Adelaide’s older artwork (mostly pen & ink, marker, and colored pencil) and combines it with her more current medium, paint. It is a multi-layered collage full of texture and patterns! The original is truly a one of a kind piece because its 3D. Here is a fun video about it!


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