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Look Within- Print (11×14)


Original size 24×30 (oil painting) 2011


Product Description

This creation tilted Look Within, represents the world inside. Adelaide believes that peace worldwide starts from inside. She feels that if we can look within and create harmony, our external realities will reflect that. This means taking responsibility and realizing the power of our choices. Adelaide’s art often stems from personal experiences yet has a global message. Look Within is one of those pieces. To learn more about it deep symbolism AND see the creation process watch this video.
I’ve got the we in me and the wings to fly.
I’ve got the sea in me and the open sky.
I’ve got the seeds in me and the question why.
And I’ll carry them with me til the day I die.
Peace worldwide starts from inside.
and in our hearts is where our prayers reside.
Time to start, time to choose
There’s no way to loose, we’ve already won.
don’t mean to be crude, but I’ve begun
Looking within and finding the SUN.
From inside we ride the waves of this phase of transformation.
This information comes from the soul and tells no lies.
It says that peace worldwide starts from inside.

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