Metamorphasis – Print (11×14)


Original size 24×36 (oil painting) 2013


Product Description

When we cocoon or being and look within we can start to see without distraction and begin to harness a reality that touches and shapes us on a cellular level. From a creature of land to a flying miracle, the butterfly is a charming example of huge transformation. Before fully spreading its wings, the alchemist undergoes chrysalis, a time of deep inner development. The being in the lower half of the painting is in this process. In meditation, the being holds mudras, expelling light energy through the palms, while allowing torus energy to circulate with each breath. The mind is open to infinite possibilities in growth and development. Symbolized thru the butterfly, the higher self is emerging. The Painting reminds us that in our sanctified space we can always have a window into this reality! Once the seed is planted our metamorphoses begins.

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