monster art

Monsters Have Hearts Too


(48×36 Mixed media collaboration with Ruben Valenzuela 2017)


Product Description

Monsters Have Heart’s Too’ is a collaboration between Adelaide Marcus and Ruben Valenzuela. Having very different art styles and life perspectives truly makes their work a blend of 2 worlds. Co-creating as high schools lovers, their art-play continued via snail mail as Adelaide moved to San Diego (from El Paso TX) for College. 10 years after college graduation Monsters have Hearts Too was born as the first canvas/painting ‘collab’ and by far the largest! This piece represents a very symbolic merger of Adelaide’s and Ruben’s perspectives, somewhat grotesque yet equally magical. It expresses a truth… that all people (ugly or pretty, bad or good, generous or greedy) have hearts. Often times the hearts most turned off are signposts for deep internal struggles. The ”monster” in this piece embodies that struggle. He/she is ripping open their chest as if it’s the last resort to finding their long lost heart. The opening reveals the mystic galaxy inside, and lo and behold, a heart too. The hummingbirds pull on the heartstrings just enough to keep it from slipping away. They remind us that even though it may hurt, we have the ability to feel into our hearts and reflect a shimmer in a shadow. They remind us that as long as we are breathing we hold the potential to give and receive love. Monsters Have Hearts Too portrays how all living creatures have hearts and in this way (amongst others) we are connected. It also illustrates the ever present cries for help that often make us greet others fear with ours. Lets not be afraid of “the monster”. By showing our hearts we can remind them that they have one too. Similar to the gift of the iridescent hummingbird, our hearts beat like the on-going flutters of nearly invisible wings.


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