Mystic Muse- mystical art

Mystic Muse- Greeting Card



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10 cards for $20 with code CARDS10 (add coupon code during checkout for discount)

All cards are blank inside so you can include your own special message.

The Mystic Muse lives in between the world of Floating imagination and Concrete Creation
She calls out the dormant energies resting in the body
She speaks and reminds the artist of what it feels like to be inspired, to discover endless possibilities, and to believe in magic
The artist stares deep into her eyes intrigued and bewildered by the mystery
Repeatedly trying to match her beauty as she morphs and changes
Moving through clenched hands, she slips through the tips of the paintbrush
She is represented in many forms and is continuously reborn in countless paintings
This is where the Mystic Muse lives


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