Myth Maiden

Myth Maiden


30×40 oil 2015

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Myth maiden is a commission motivated by a man who was introduced to Adelaide while Snake Charming. The Snake medicine elicited an inspiration within him strong enough to bring to life a visual art creation that emitted a similar energy. There were no specific “guidelines” other than bringing forward a mixture of snake symbology. In that comes stories and myths that run deep and even bring in the idea of fear of the unknown or the punishment of giving into temptation. This led Adelaide to bring in the apple and a confident woman who is not afraid to embrace the power and medicine of the snake. The 2 snakes weaving up the spine represent kundalini energy rising. She lives in a pool of potential and perhaps is a mermaid, yet another strong mythical character. What/who she is is somewhat of a mystery and can be determined by the viewer. But indeed she does embody Yin aspects (feminine, wet, vast, dark and moonlit). She is a maiden of myth, and elixir of deep curiosity.

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