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Native Naga


30×40 oil 2015

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Native Naga (Oil 30×40 2016)

The ability to imagine and create is not merely the capability to be colorful, whimsical or optimistic, but to SEE through the darkness, and be a light when none is shining. A light that radiates and vibrates the inner walls of the temple we call “body.” Native Naga is a “way seer,” who personifies this wisdom and holds the torch with comfort. Her heat is warm enough to attract the coldest of hearts and powerful enough to burn a moth filled with desire. Creature of the intuitive night, she is bright enough to navigate through the darkness and see it ALL. She expresses the spectrum of emotions, colors and elements: a part of the water and the earth, air and fire. She embodies the lineage of the Mayans, Egyptians, Mesoamericans and native tribes who’s spiritual path includes ritual and respect. This piece is especially close to me as my mother and father helped a group of tribes’ cross the border of Mexico while I was in utero. I was blessed by the native questers as they used my home for temporary shelter on their barefoot path to return a torch to a statue of Cuauhtemoc in LA. They were honoring the end of “500 years of darkness” that passed since the Spaniards killed Cuauhtémoc who prophesized that the gold was in our hearts and that in 500 years the new sun was coming. Native Naga weaves my story to the stories of all the ages. Her femininity reminds us of the softness on the outer edge of a deep inner strength!

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