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ONE Love


Oil 24×30 2016

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I love you so much… that I am you

I love you…And I love you more

More than lovers love….More than the love of my family

More than the love of a life partner

And the feeling of snuggles on a cold winters morning

My love multiplies

I love more and more…. until I love ONE

One Love

The only Love there ever was

The love that sets me free….to love more.

I love you and I am a part of you but I do not belong to you and my bird can fly as my hearts song can (and will) sing

The kind of love with a melody….The kind of love of sensation

When I kiss you my lips permeate your skin so I can speak to your soul

When I hold my heart I feel my home…You live here too

You have a hold…. On my heart

Nurture this love

Cradle the tender poundings that metronomes our intuitive decisions

With out missing a beat…. Lets love

Love one another


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