Portrait of a Queen

Portrait of a Queen


30×40 acrylic 2015

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Portrait of a Queen is a custom creation that encompasses the full spectrum of a specific soul. The past self (which includes Egyptian archetypes Nefertiti & Isis) and her future self (which brings forward the qualities she wishes to fully embody) combine to make a timeless reflection of both the inner and outer world of this radiant Sun Queen. She soaks the light in through her dark African skin and then exudes its brilliance through her third eye, the eye of a Tiger. She also embodies the yin/feminine nature of the moon. Regally adorned by the spirits of her animals, which include hock, eagle, peacock, wolf, butterfly, falcon, owl, jaguar, cheetah and fox, the queen shares their wisdom. Paragraphs could be written of the personal significance of why Jazz Baptiste, the Queen who commissioned this creation, chose these animals, but the viewer can also relate in their own personal way. This creation lives at a retreat and Ayahuasca center in Bahia Brazil called Casa De LUZ. What a perfect place for this benevolent queen, a being of LIGHT!

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