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Re-birth – Print (11×14)


Original size 24×36 (oil painting) 2013


Product Description

Created shortly after a painting tilted ‘Metamorphosis’ this creation titled ‘Rebirth’ was also stirred by the process of the butterfly. Both were heavily inspired by Adelaide’s travels in Bali and performance as a butterfly on the top of a volcano. This image is one of the few that mark a turning point into the ‘Imagine That’ art series, which expresses the power of our minds and imagination. Rebirth articulates the process of metamorphosis through all the stages including chrysalis, a time of cocooning. Adelaide finds this time important for any great birthing. To an outsider it appears that something occurs “all of a sudden” when in reality the process was already in motion inwardly before the apparent shifts. The figure is in meditation, another way to express looking into the self. It sits above a lotus flower enveloped in an egg, drawing in the link between birth and transformation. “Re-birth” implies that it has already had at least one prior form of life, like the caterpillar. The torus energy field surrounds the figure branching out, alongside leaves and the winged women, from the top of the head. Imagine that!

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