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Original size 36×24 (oil painting) 2013

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In many of her creations, Adelaide brings life to archetypes. The women in this painting brings out elements of the Egyptian Goddess Isis and is inspired in part by Adelaide’s connection to Egyptian culture. While Art modeling one day, Adelaide posed in sphinx position and began to feel the energy of that ancient posture. The sphinx was often represented as a cat. Adelaide feels a strong connection to cat, bird and serpent energy which all have their place in this painting. The Pyramids represent a type of knowledge that points to the heavens. How and why the pyramids exist is still a mystery, which opens us up the possibility that there was ancient knowledge and abilities that existed before life as we know it. The Pyramid symbol on the our bills also has its own significance and the eye at the top can be seen as representing the knowledge that is kept up high and separated from the majority of the people. This piece is called Remembrance and symbolizes that we are at a point in time where we can see with our third eye open and remember what power lies within.

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