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Shadow in The Light- Greeting Card



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All cards are blank inside so you can include your own special message.

Aside from general image and composition, Adelaide loves using color to elicit and emotional response. This Creation tiled The Shadow In the Light was created very organically and ended up being Adelaide’s first monochromatic painting. This is a perfect fit considering what the piece represents, as the only difference between the light and the shadow is a change in shade, or perspective;)
The darker figure represents the shadow, a denser frequency of more tangible matter. He is held back in some ways by his physical form, but more so by his belief in a limited reality. He feels the light inside of him and enjoys its presences, yet wants to hold on to that, due to fear of the unknown. The “light” represents his full potential and a reality of infinite possibilities as she flies from his heart into a spiraling vortex. She is a being of light and lightness, yet still she has a shadow.

Tilted, The Shadow In the Light, the painting not only implies that he is inside the light in terms of it shining upon him, but He (the shadow) is literally inside her as well. Similar to the symbol and philosophy of the yin yang, there could not be one without the other. In essence, this painting speaks to those who are interacting with the challenge of truly allowing their fullest potential to arise and fly free. In doing so, one can release attachments to it, by realizing that it is not only a part of them but also a part of something more. Letting go to be uplifted.


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