sip into creativitea

Sip into CreativiTEA


2014 oil 24×24

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Out of pure magical delirium and the desire to loosen up with her ideas the concept of this Bizarre piece was born and began to come to life the very next day at a bizarre fair. Of course as it progressed the interesting parallels it had with Adelaides life, mind and tangible realities became apparent. Essentially the tentacles represent Adelaide’s mind and subconscious desires, reaching out with hundreds of suckers attracting this and that. The flowers and paintbrushes are a lovely combo that express different forms of creativity. Considering she gets most of her inspiration from the mystery of our natural world, they serve as great symbols of that interplay. Someone once put a fake rose in her paintbrush jar and ever since Adelaide has seen each brush as a bouquet of sorts. She also views the cup as a creative elixir. Furthermore, the flowers add an earth element to a water scene, enhancing the idea of being in multiple worlds at the same time. The window brings in yet another question mark in the viewers mind. What is a window doing in the sea? In the widow lies another alternate realiTEA to sip upon. It’s being created by the brush strokes of the main image yet it has a paintbrush of its own. What world is that creature creating? Our perception of reality is infinite and therefore the reality we live in can take on many shapes and forms. Weather we are sitting at a coffee table taking sips of tea and swimming in our minds or we are swimming in the sea and thinking of sipping tea, Qi follows thought and Energy creates life. So we create the life we live, imagine that!
Interesting enough while painting this piece Adelaide’s sister brought over a bunch huge tea cups that were used for a mad hatter themed party that she no longer had use for, now Adelaide has painted those and they will be a part of a kids puppet show where her character Miss Giggles, has CreativiTEA pARTies with kids. The literal, metaphorical and subconscious role art plays in Adelaide’s life continue to unveil themselves with each bizarre painting. So fill your cup and take a sip of CreativiTEA !

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