solar rain painting

Solar Rain- Print (11×14)


Original size 24×30 (oil painting) 2012


Product Description

‘Solar Rain’ is a unique addition to Adelaide’ s “Imagine That” series, which the head is sliced open so that the viewer can see the mind or imagination. In this case, the mind is the sun representing illumination of the mind, and the raindrops represent a cleansing. The figure has both a masculine and feminine characteristics and is a part of the earth, which is also being cleanse by the rain. This images was created after speaking with the owner of Solar Rain, a company that uses rain water and elements of the earth to create eco0friendly products such as bottled water, make up remover, crème and so on. The painting concepts were specifically created to represent the ideals of the company, this is why having a person be of the earth was of significance. From the eye brow on the right comes plant life that creates hair. The water swirl represents being in a flow and the roots on the right shoulder are a reminder to also remain grounded and balanced. In the Middle, the light green spiraling out from the chest represents the heart!

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