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Spring Inspired


40×30 oil 2014

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Of all the inspiration in the world, nature herself seems to be the muse that sustains Adelaide’s curiosity. The patterns in plants and their androgynous appearance remind Adelaide of the masculine and feminine characteristics in all things. This creation was specifically inspired by the season of Spring and all the fruit-full offerings that come forth at that time. The figure in this painting embodies Mother eARTh, Patcha Mama, Gaia and all the other names we have for a human figure representing nature. She is a pART of a series Adelaide has been working on titled “From the heART,” where the heart is the focal point of the painting. From her heart stems a plant full of life, releasing and pollinating the women/earth. The SUNflower represents the literal sun, and its power to generate life in all living organisms. Everything from this painting shares one source… the plant is the earth, is the women and is the sun. All in ONE regenerating breath. This sensual cycle reminds the viewer of ways that we humans are like the earth and have a sensual connection to our pARTners, our planet, and OURSELVES.

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