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Stay Rooted – Print (11×14)


Original size 24×36 (oil painting) 2013


Product Description

‘Stay Rooted’ It Is a pART of the ‘Imagine That’ Art Series in which the top of the head is cut open to reveal what’s inside the mind/imagination. As we ride this wave of change is important to stay rooted to our mother (aka EARTH) to keep our power. The energy balls in the branches/hands represent the elements of fire and water, elemental opposites. Organic and digital realities also represent oppositional energies, similar to the yin and yang. Plants are created naturally, while computers (for example) are created though the mind/man-power. Commissioned under the requested of representing 2 oppositional ways of thinking, this creation was born. With the advances in our technology we have been distracted by “convenience” and now is a good time to root down and remember what the natives of the land always knew… without our mother, we do not exist. Now we can use the technology we have to branch out across seas and share knowledge that will help us return to harmony. Plant the seed of the fruit of life in your minds eye, ground down and fly high!

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