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Think Globally


Original size 24×24 (oil painting) 2013

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‘Think Globally’ has lead to multiple stories that build up to Adelaide’s evolving career. The Painting was originally inspired by a Rap Adelaide wrote while traveling in Bali. She later decided to turn the song into a painting and do a music video to accompany it and show the process of the painting. She got footage of children singing chorus lines in desert landscapes and beyond while traveling in India, but unfortunately all that was stolen on her way back home. Slightly devastated Adelaide decided to put that idea on the backburner. Then, as happens in life, something big came up. ‘Think Globally’ was selected and won in a campaign to replace advertisement with visionary art. It ended up on a billboard in San Francisco and Adelaide did a West coast tour up that way to see it and go for a new approach for the music video. The rebirth in motivation reminded Adelaide of the significance of what the piece represents. Part of its beauty is that its symbolism is pretty straightforward. As part of her ‘Imagine that’ series it shows the head cut open, and the mind as the earth. The seed of life is planted at the third eye to remind viewer to think about our planet, the rainbow represents all the different colors of people all over the world uniting. The peace doves are being help up by an alien-like figure holding space in the universal consciousness for a planet of peace and harmony. Think BIG think Globally!

Sample of song lyrics:

Think Globally, Act Locally
I’m tired of letting these concerns wash over me, over my head
Instead…I plan to make amends with my friends over global seas

you see, I’m planting seeds in the minds like trees
of these real concerns, not make beleive
feeling the gaps of greed, til we’re holding hands
c’mon lets take a stand and get this over please

Believe me, sometimes i let the truth leave me, to relieve me of the grief this world gives me.
Tho its not easy, i try to keep those moments brief to practice what i preach and reach my hand out and Think Globally
and let that feeling take over me
and let that feeling awake the dream
cuz its ironic when electronic distractions change the mobile scene
and we respond by reaction
Ha- but i say its time to take action, just put one foot forward and we’ll start to gain traction
Think …how will life be when there is nothing to patent or own. And we’re not so alone

I’m like a gold Mind, filling myself with Light
it’s time to leave behind the old me
and boldly do whats right.
I might stumble as I walk this path
but we may crumble if we surrender to talks of strife
instead I’ll take a bite and taste how good it feels to thrive
no time to waste how good it feels inside
just to be alive

I’m on the brink of a great solution
just think of the grand conclusion,
as we stand holding hands that connects the lands
breaking the trance and waking up from delusion of the illusion
that our skin is different
when it truly isn’t
Lets stop being ignorant, and begin to, bring it into
if you know what i mean, join me and sing, about that thing
that starts with we, then flees into the galaxy
Think Globally
Act Locally
I’m tired of letting these concerns wash over me, over my head
Instead I plan to make amends with my friends over global seas


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