Questions from an aspiring Artist: Thought I would share:)

1) Do you use oils with all your paintings? no, i also use acrylic and water color, color pencil and have even tries spray paint
2) I looked through your art pics on FB, I hope you don’t mind, and I saw a painting I think you called “Earth Mama” … I love the vibrant colors!! Is that oil or acrylic? oil
3) When you first start a piece of art, do you sketch it on the canvas with pencil? Then how do you pick where to start painting? Its always different depending on the style or look i am going for, how precise i want it, or how much i want to “flow” with it.
4) As you progress through your painting, do you paint a background first, then layer and paint outward? I’ve always had trouble understanding that. Or do you paint each piece separately within its own outline? depends on medium. If it oil i either choose to blend as i go OR i will do background and let that dry before adding another (top) layer. Generally i would suggest filling in the canvas and then going in for smaller details as you get further along. this will give you the best idea of “color composition”
5) If you’re using oils, do you wait for some parts to dry before layering or adding other details? I often do. which is why i often work on 6 pieces interchangeably Or sometime start with acrylic as underlayer ( if i want to speed up process)
6) Do you ever paint using both oils and acrylic in one piece of art? yes:)
7) Lastly, is there a class that you would recommend for me to attend to touch up on these basic painting skills? I never took a class. you will learn so much by experimenting with the mediums. once you make a bad mistake ( like mixing yellow and purple) i doubt you will make it again. there are some figure drawing groups i model for. Let me know if that interests you.

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