• monster art
  • feminine art
  • abstract art
  • aztec serpent mother
  • Totem Woman painting
  • native naga oil painting
  • one love art
  • breath magic
  • sip into creativitea
  • i-heart-music
  • equilibrium
  • Feel of Music
  • Sprint Inspired
  • Portrait of a Queen
  • Myth Maiden
  • Fooled in Love
  • Back To Life
  • balance
  • In Harmony (crop)
  • Union of Opposites
  • Jaguar Dream Spirit- ayahuasca art
  • Dia De Los Meditation
  • Charmed Harlequin art
  • Unicorn visionary
  • grounding yong
  • Bubble yin
  • Guadelupe Sunrise
  • Canyon de guadelupe- landscape art
  • Divine Matrix- spiritual art
  • look on the brigth side re-created
  • Shadow in the Light- sacred art
  • blossom Within- heart art
  • Ancient Remains- ancient art
  • freedom- heart work
  • Evolving Spirit headdress- sacred art
  • infinite love- love art
  • Gaia Blossom- symbolic art
  • Free Love- symbolic art
  • Think Globally- global art
  • One faith- spiritual art
  • Cycle of Life- whimsical art
  • Communicate Within- symbolic art
  • Organic Unveiling- Egyptian Art
  • The Lucid Dreamer- dream art
  • look within- symbolic art
  • Mystic Muse- mystical art
  • Believe to see- butterfly art
  • Imagine That art series
  • Its just natural- lion art
  • solar rain painting
  • Compassion in heart
  • Cycle of Thought and Creation
  • eye am knowledge
  • healing tree of life
  • default evolution
  • Aquatic dreamscape
  • Remembrance egyptian art
  • elemental Alchemist
  • third eye open
  • metamorphasis
  • rebirth art
  • stay rooted art
  • a new beginning art
  • sharing heart space
  • qi energy art
  • water goddess art

Adelaide specializes in doing custom art pieces for healing and transformation. Most of her commission clients seek Adelaide for her intuitive ability to convey their growth on a canvas. Contact Adelaide with your interest in having symbolic art help you along your journey.

Learn About Art By Adelaide

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The Unicorn Visionary

The Lucid Dreamer

Jaguar Dream Spirit- inspired by Peruvian Travels

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