Adelaide’s Visual Art pieces have depth that seeps beyond the layers of paint and thick canvas. Below are poems, art descriptions, and thought processes that describe Adelaide’s intention behind specific Art Pieces (Latest art pieces at the top). Enjoy a poetic yet autobiographical peak of Adelaide and her creations!

Union of Opposites

You are the sun, I am the moon
Opposite when the clock strikes noon
Our Orbit dance keeps us distant
Yet we are creators of existence
I worship your light and dream of you in the dark of night
As I travel space time
I begin to unwind
the links from far behind
Still, connected with you, I always am
through an infinite spiral with no end
When you are low, I’ll be your height
for I see my shadow through your light

Crystal Vision

Hush little baby don’t you cry
cuz your the only hope that we’ve got in this world
Hush little baby close your eyes
So you can hear my voice and see what’s inside
Little Baby
Sweet Little Baby hear my song
so you can dream a world and take mommy along
Please little baby don’t worry
You see so cleary, so set us free

Open your mind its time
We can’t rewind, whats behind
Hush little baby, don’t you cry, hear my song, your lullaby

Yes little baby, this day is for you
cuz your the ones here to make your dreams true
Hush little baby, close your eyes
so you can see and dream reality


Communicate Within

Up above, the Mind has perspective and looks over the beating heart and burning fire.
It brings rain to Fire as Fire roars loudly, ” I am passion, fire, and momentous creativity. I warm the body and make it feel alive!”
and indeed my body agrees
“But wait,” says the mind, ” What will happen when the wood burns out?”
The crackling fire responds though my lips in moans and sighs. Language has always been a challenge for Fire.
[hide-this-part morelink=”show more”] The next day the Mind asks again, ” What will happen when the wood burns out?”
But this time no reply
“You see” says the mind, ” When Fire sizzles down and the rain pours, it is dormant until its turned on once more. It only lives in the moment and forgets about anything else. fire does not realize itself or its instability. ”
The young heart openly listens. Beginning to understand, it says,” I am emotion, I am processing, and i too am constantly changing. But i am real…. always!”
“How do you know?” asks the mind
“Because I feel it” the honest heart replies.
The mind giggles as it understands the truth of the heart, and it begins to fall into its stream.
Recalling memories of happiness, moments of feeling loved, and moments of passion and desire
Instantly, the flame is re-ignited, and the body lights up
“Here we are” say the Mind, heart and Fire, ” ” A new day begins.”



Free love

My heart flies free like a bird
Wings spread, soaring amongst angels in our earthly heaven
Singing our story with each breath
My chest expands to encompass the freedom of my beating heart
It needs not seek out the unknown, but to simply experiences its truth
Realizing perfection in each moment, the natural balance of our universe
and the infinite power of Free Love

Mystic Muse

The Mystic Muse lives in between the world of Floating imagination and Concrete Creation
She calls out the dormant energies resting in the body
She speaks and reminds the artist of what it feels like to be inspired, to discover endless possibilities, and to believe in magic
The artist stares deep into her eyes intrigued and bewildered by the mystery
Repeatedly trying to match her beauty as she morphs and changes
Moving through clenched hands, she slips through the tips of the paintbrush
She is represented in many forms and is continuously reborn in countless paintings
This is where the Mystic Muse lives








Default Evolution

The inspiration for this piece was a collection of multiple ideas that formed as a representation of a small chapter of my life. Driving down the highway a while back, I imagined what it would be like to have trees take over and smash down buildings. That image played a big role in this post apocalyptic art piece. It came to fruition during a time when I was working on a video project in which I painted my face[hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]exactly how i painted it in the art piece.Both the video project, which was a part of a series i called ” Conscious Collaborations” and the painting shared the same message. they aimed to build awareness in ways that are not based on fear, but are represented in a beautiful artful way. Instead of thinking of destruction and breakdown as a harsh, painful experience, it can be seen as part of the process that leads into the unknown. The Robots represent a mechanical version of a human. one who operate off patterns and auto responses. their home in the city of lights has been taken over by life and the streets are cracked representing the brock en path they are on. Yet in this collapse they discover more than routine and meaningless actions. the heart represents what is behind the mechanical outer shell. . the Robots are fleeing and the male is tipping his hat as if saying goodbye to one way of desistence and hello to a new one. the Circuit board in his brain is a whimsical way of showing his thoughts or ability to process what is taking place. Both these robots are in a process of change and discovery, and their story in the painting is left open ended. They are on a path in an electronic world that’s collapsing. When that is all they knew…. what will these robots do next? They are modern day archetypes that spoke to me at a crucial point in tomorrows history. and this paintings, like the ones before, will be a part of the biography of my life.

Unicorn Visionary

To Adelaide the Unicorn horn is an extension of the third eye, and represents vision. Like most of her pieces, this women represents an aspect of Adelaide. She is a visionary leader and seeker of universal truths. She sees through her third eye, that opens up through the spiraling energy of that chakra until it reaches its point. The background is full of energetic motion and patterns full of eyes and violet colors. What she represents is extremely powerful, for if you can see it, you can create it! [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]










The Lucid Dreamer

Visionary artist Adelaide Marcus created this acrylic Painting as a way of expressing the Dream state. Titled, The Lucid Dreamer, the piece depicts a women half way in between waking and dreaming. She plays with ideas of myth and imagination. The painting represents a state where the air thickens and separation dissolves. A place wear fish swarm the sky, women are landscapes and swans live in the heart. She is peacefully asleep yest awake inside. she is a lucid dreamer.[hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]







Shadow Jaguar

As we weave our stories & create patterns of life,
our tapestries evolve and the colors on our pallet blend

Following the footsteps of our ancestors, we begin to channel,
as our minds roam the jungle thru the eyes of the black Jaguar [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]

It is he who has become one with his shadow,
who has entered the darkness, looked the unknown in the face and seen him self
A true reflection

It is his spirit who has connected our souls thru the vine
We share in our sips towards wisdom, understanding and contentment

We share in growth and support
we are true reflections

We are woven together through our stories, and endlessly personified in our art

I see you, the black jaguar
with light in our eyes
shining the way through the jungle of life. [/hide-this-part]


In Harmony

By far the Largest piece I had painted, this creation marked a turning point in my career. Yes, more space, more color, more expression! Titled In Harmony, this piece was created for a couple, 2 musician friends of mine. Each of them working on the chakras, I felt inclined to add in the sacred symbols, and for the 1st time used a reference. The crown chakra however have no symbol but is shown as a hole in the top of the head letting in the cosmic universe and higher intelligence into the body. The male is very faint in color, giving the illusion that he is nearly evaporated into the space. you can see thru him. the women side it thicker paint and solid line to show grounded earth qualities. Together there is a human balance or should i say harmony. even the idea that one is fully male and the other is fully female is not applicable to this piece of art. like all of us they are both. the share the chakras and are rooted in support and honor. the blue thereout chakra represents communication and voice, because she is a sing this was a prominent image for me. The green heart shikaree is located where her breast is and is close to being a center of the piece The 2nd sexual chakra is also[hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]shown with a heart surrounding it and with a supportive hand. As an intimate couple who also works together felt it important to pay respect to the mutual care for a healthy sexual relationship. the 1st chakra or root chakra symbol is a part of the tree bark and roots which also incorporated musical notes and my signature. As a center piece of their home the foundation qualities of this piece was important to me. Still the sea shell and sea weed are there to remind us of flow,. What a appears to be tree leaves is symbolizing chard and green foods in general. Aside from music this couple is united in their desire for health foods and body. the colors of the plants and everything tin the space was chosen carefully. love is everywhere is what the green also shows. weather the colors truly go with the chakra system or not is not of my concern its what we have come to see them as a symbol of is of more importance to me. This piece came smoothly for me, i sang it into creation while in alignment with what i wanted to me doing and in Harmony with the flow of life!








The Divine Matrix

At this point in my evolving art career, doing commissions for friends had given me the confidence to take that extra leap and devote even more of my time to visual art. Beyond adding intrinsic value to my work, this pushed me early on to expand my style and technique, creating images that I may have never produced on my own. Furthermore, it is a very personal offering for friends I care about deeply. This acrylic painting belongs to a fascinating couple, Aaron and Susanne Dressin. [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]To get started, I was sent a list of the following words: Love, Peace, Stillness, Connectedness, Astral projection, Source, Divine Matrix, Hologram, and Shifting Consciousness. I began to visualize. This took part at the time of an incredible spiritual festival at a desert oasis in Mexico called El Canyon De Guadalupe. While we were dancing under the stars Susanne expressed that she wanted the Canyon in the painting, which was perfect considering I had already envisioned it as a landscape. When I left I took home with me the magic of the canyon and funneled it into the painting. This is where the rocks, palms trees, the blooming Ocotillo cactus, water, and the Lady of Guadalupe came from. The body of water represents stillness because it is not being filtered in by any other body or stream. Yet, there are ripples that make up Susanne’s face, rippling out from the mermaid fin. The mermaid, a familiar example of fantasy, leaves a path of stars and glitter that trails into the night sky. The sky is the cosmos and just as it is in the top half of the painting, it represents the top sections of our consciousness and our relationship with source. The earth is connected with roots and the sky is connected in many layers. The divine matrix grid is peaking through the stars and planets and a faint profile of a face. This is Aaron, astrally projected and hovering in the clouds and space of our universe. I chose to put the 2 of them in different quadrants of the painting because, although not explicitly drawn, this reminds me of the flow of the yin yang symbol. Also with Susanne being in the water below, I see them simply as reflections of each other. This and the implied heart shape of the large sky spirals illustrates their love for each other. This painting like many, is a window. It allows them to look at it and thru it to a place where they remember the peaceful nature of the canyon, our connection to the divinity of life, and the awakening of the human spirit.[/hide-this-part]

Growing with the Flow

The overall intent behind this creation can be summed up in one word, Healing. Still this is but one word given to me as inspiration to create this commissioned art piece titled Growing with the Flow. He indeed is growing with the flow, yet connected and grounded by roots wrapping around him and sprouting out thru his third eye, representing New Vision and Transformation. This man is [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]mediating while elevated with hands in a mudra that symbolizes balance. He is at peace surrounded by nature and the rising or setting sun over the horizon. The time of day is of no real value. It is the time to heal! The time to forgive. The time in which the heart blossoms with love, grows wings and fly’s in the open sky. This man is moving forward in a space of freedom and strength, with the ability share joy yet remain centered and disciplined. The spiral coming from his center represents focus and expansive connection to oneness. Just as the four elements are in balance, this painting and this man has everything needed to heal! [/hide-this-part]





The Cycle of Thought and Creation

Though at first glance this piece may look just bizarre to some, there is a lot of meaning behind it’s flow. It is one of the very few pieces that embodies a more masculine character in my art. His beard is the sun and the night is on his head. He has dread locks and each “dread” represents something different including one of my snakes, a healing symbol to me, and a paint brush, which symbolizes the growth of creative expression. From his Brain comes an umbilical cord connected to an unborn child. This is where the title emerged. Visually the brain is a link to our thoughts. We humans have thousands of thoughts a day, and with each one we have the potential to give life to a new idea, which is what the baby is representing. [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]This is a loving and balanced man. His shoulder is drawn as a rainbow that reaches around to touch his heart. The other heart in the piece brings in feminine energy , and the essence of nurturing our creations. With each idea or expression that stems from our mind lies the start to a new cycle, and thus I call this piece The Cycle of Thought and Creation. [/hide-this-part]








This painting symbolizes a significant transformation. Like most commissioned pieces, the idea stemmed from the client, who in this case was a man looking at my painting as a way to expand his spiritual development. Though I had essentially been asked to portray this man’s life, the more enveloped I became in the creation process, the clearer it became that its symbolism reached far beyond his personal journey. Its story, like many, speaks of a life with a less than perfect past. Darker paints represent a time when the light could not be seen. I refer to light in the sense of positive thought, open expression, and a sense of freedom. [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]The Darkness was a period of narrow thought and violence. The cruelty of that reality is depicted through the lightning bolt striking down, puncturing his wing, and causing blood to drip onto sorrowful flowers. The flowers and the tree are brittle and weak, barely attached to the sustenance of mother earth. I felt it was important to show the roots, for I feel every living thing can only be as strong as what lies underneath. As the turmoil of his fiery past fell to ashes, he was able to rise like a phoenix. Flames of a new fire lit up from the coals that had almost died out. The piece is not about running away from or burying the past, because it will always be there, it’s about using what we are already apart of and allowing that to evolve and transform into something more in sync with what we want. His transformational being felt serpent-like, as he described it, and its desires were ready to be set in motion. While entering its new reality its wings are spread, soaking up all that life has to offer straight from the source itself, the glittery sun. The patterns on his wing are like birth marks that have always been there though hidden in the dark. They are part of a true, expressive, and authentic self. While painting them I was in a stream of consciousness, reminding me of my extensive “doodle” drawings I started back in high school. The tree on this side represents a future of constant growth and LOVE. To me, there is nothing more powerful than our ability to Love ourselves and others. This strength is represented all over including the roots that extend far passed the perimeters of the painting. These roots are vital and keep us connected to our mother earth, represented as a female face in the painting. I see all the aspects of the painting come together to create one over arching symbol, representing something beyond what words can express. It was a vast journey for me, staying up all night at a very transformational time (during a lunar eclipse combined with the winter solstice which wont reoccur until Dec. 21 2094). It’s image sunk deep into my subconscious and I continued to work on it even in my dream world. In fact, amusingly I wouldn’t wake up until I thought it was finished. I can’t remember what it looked like there in dream land but I can say that it was a healing experience and has forever made a mark in my minds eye. Better yet , the painting will forever be a tool that unveils an illuminated future, and at the very least, a reminder that it exists. As for me, this was the perfect excuse to blend my psychology background with spiritual practice and convey it through artistic expression. Once again re-illustrating my notion that everything I do is interconnected.[/hide-this-part]


This creation was inspired by my admiration for a new relationship I was embarking on. The man who grabbed a hold of my heart was a healer and practitioner of Chinese medicine. Throughout our bond I developed a deeper passion for Chinese philosophy and the significance of the yin yang symbol. Instead of starting this drawing as a doodle or subconscious flow of thoughts, I began with an outline of the entire piece. As always I used pen, with the idea of erasing wasn’t and option. It began with the heart that incorporates both our faces. My side represents aspects of Yin including the femininity, the moon, coolness and moistness, as shown by the water. His side represents Yang qualities such as masculinity, rootedness, warmth, and the sun. [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]Yang is active and concentrated energy, while yin encompasses the sustenance of life and restorative qualities. Yet like everything, it’s all relative. The yin yang symbol, used repeatedly in the drawing, stands for a balance between seemingly opposite things, but one would not exist with out the other. How would we define brightness if we never saw darkness? This creation shows the beauty in balance and connection. I spent countless hours completing it, filling in the large space with circles, hearts and symbols, a technique that bled over into many other drawings. It was all done with the joy that I had found a relationship that could help me find this balance in my own life. [/hide-this-part]







After working on a very detailed piece for a boyfriend, I really felt the need to do something for myself, something that embodied my aspirations. Naturally that became the tile of the piece. Its symbolism is by no means hidden, its implication is spelled out in evocative words. These include Breath, Open heart, Mindfulness, Art, Connection, Love, Freedom, Grounded and Flow. They ride alongside a goddess that embodies all these qualities in some way. This art piece became more than just a reminder to myself of all that I am, but I have found that it draws in others who also desire a bright reminder of the beauty of their aspirations. All the fine detail shows my commitment to these “goals”, creating it provided a time when I could meditate on what I wanted to attract more of. Just looking at it is a way to open us up and let in all our aspirations.









Dirty Martini

This piece is simple in design, yet is large in color and concept. I created it at a time when I was experimenting with pen and marker and the pleasure of not being able to erase. Instead of allowing one thing appear to be on top of another, I allowed the lines to intersect, and used those as guidelines of where to change colors. As most of my figures do, this woman represents aspects of me, as I view myself having serpent, bird and cat qualities, sort of like spirit animals. Still, beyond my peculiar self portrait aspects, the image as a whole has a wider message. This mermaid is emerging from toxic waste water dripping from the city above. The pollution also rises upward as shown by the face with horns (sort of like the contamination in Fern Gully). As the figure sits there [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]drinking a Dirty Martini, little does she realize how “dirty” it is. Similarly, we surround ourselves in environments that are far from healthy yet become so used to ingesting it that we forget that we are indeed effected. This is what the bird, one of Bob Marley’s 3 little birds is saying by chirping… “this is my message to you.” [/hide-this-part]








Destructive Collaboration

As the title suggests, this was a collaborative piece created by Ruben, my high school boyfriend, and I. We used to always share work. He was very line-oriented focusing on outlines, where I loved color, swirls and random design work. Completing his work was like having a psychedelic coloring book for adults. I particularly like this piece because we created it 800 miles apart. He mailed it to me in San Diego, CA, where I was going to college and he was still in El Paso, Texas. To me the figure is sort of like a Hindu god with many arms. Like Shiva, a destructive goddess, this being is both harmful and benevolent. He holds both aggressive weapons and healing mudras. [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]Its difficult to describe this figure without thinking of Ruben, it shows so much of his personal struggle in darkness as well as his talented expression of beauty. The piece often conveys 2 very dissimilar feelings, just as the words “Destructive” and “Collaboration” are often seen as contradictory. Yet as the Hindu gods depict, destruction is not always bad, for example Ganesha is the “destroyer” of obstacles, and collaboration is not always good, as people may collaborate in violent plots. This piece makes me take a second look at ideas of good and bad and seemingly incongruent concepts. [/hide-this-part]







In the Hoop

This creation is a perfect example of how my performance art and visual art interact. The piece was encouraged by my relationship with Hoop Dance. Like all my endeavors, hoop dance has lead to many discoveries. When I started to get into trances in the hoop I found a new way to let my thoughts unravel and open my crown chakra to the astral plane. I began to conclude that the movement of the hoop was so therapeutic because it was constantly creating spirals, both inside and outside of me. Thus in this piece almost everything consists of either hoops or spirals, including the galaxy and the planets that spiral around the sun. There is even spirals that make up spirals. Inside the hoops there are intricate designs and even a fun gesture who to me symbolizes all the magic that happens in the hoop. This piece is titled, In The Hoop for that is where the inspiration truly came from.









As I became more interested in spirituality, the chakras and kundalini energy my performances, belly dance classes and artwork began to reflect this. This piece is called Shakti, a Sanskrit word meaning sacred force or empowerment. In Hinduism it represents cosmic energy and dynamic forces that move through the entire universe. It’s personified as divine feminine creative power, as illustrated in my image. Perhaps because I feel that so much of my power comes from my vision, I made the 3rd eye a focal point in the drawing. This is where all the lines branch out. [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]The root chakra is represented as a red heart and the 2nd chakra is shown as and orange spiral. The crown of her head is open to receive knowledge and her hands are full of healing energy. The waves of her voice flow into her hair as she floats weightlessly like a mermaid. My favorite aspect about this piece is that although she is flowing and uplifted she is grounded down by strong roots. Sometimes, when I feel to flighty I remind myself that I too have those roots.








Spirit Rider

Spirit Rider really embodies the sensation of freedom. I drew this while traveling in Europe. My spirit felt like I was galloping thru unfamiliar territory. I was enthused by the Art museums I had visited and seeing some of Picasso’s original work. The horse-like animal the woman is riding has strange eyes influence by some of Picasso’s work I had seen earlier that day. It’s sort of swimming through a watery world with bubbles and swirls. This mixes our idea of what the animal may be or weather its even separate from the woman figure. Since this is art after all, it could theoretically be anything! The woman has little detail compared to her surroundings. [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]She is like a spirit moving through thick energetic air. This reminds me of when I dance. I often feel like I am moving in water, which gives a consistency to the air that surrounds the body. This is a sensation many receive when doing Qi Gong or martial arts. This drawing is taking that sensation and putting it in a visual form. [/hide-this-part]








Voodoo Child

This face started off on a long plane ride to Italy and was completed throughout my European journey. During this trip I tended to talk less and take in more, especially on long flights and train rides. I tried to capture this sensation by making the eye a mouth. After seeing Italy for merely a day, I became inspired by the colorful masquerade garments and masks, and decided to make her hair blue. To re-illustrate the idea that I was talking less and taking in more I stitched up her lips. This spun me into adding designs and swirls all over her face. I had originally used a solid marker to fill in her face by creating multiple wide circles. I hadn’t liked the way it was looked until I made this addition. The voodoo-like patterns are what saved the piece for me. I called her Voodoo Child because she was stitched up and full of marks. Like me, she was sort of under some type of spell, in a place where she knew no one and took in everything.









Indigo Child

This drawing started on a long airport layover with the idea in mind that I would only use different shades of a color. I used only marker because I like the way it shows overlapping and creates an illusion of texture. As I was drawing I could feel the eyes of a little girl watching me. And I began to feel as though she was creating it with me. After a while she came over to take a closer look. I ended up lending her some supplies and she drew with me for a while until her mother called her back. I called this piece Indigo Child, because that is what I got from this illuminated little girl. Like children the face has large eyes that seem to always be curious about the world around them. I love the innocence and simplicity of it. It’s sort of like I zoomed into a small section of most of my previous drawings. This image really stuck with me and inspired me to do a serious of paintings of female faces and shades of blue.








Out in Space

While there is physically nothing that appears to be non- human about me, often times I feel like an alien. This was especially true at the time that I started this drawing. I was a freshman at SDSU (2005), and it was obvious that I didn’t quite “fit in.” For example, I was the only one in lecture who was drawing extraterrestrial creatures instead of extensive notes. Of course teachers miss-read me at first, that is until they graded my papers. The truth is, I could listen better when I was doing something else. Otherwise I was fidgety, distracted by teacher’s mannerisms, or half asleep. This drawing started on notebook paper, and after making a copy I got to coloring it in to the point I nearly indented every corner. The colors are rich and deep. I nearly ripped a hole in [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]her forehead because the colored pencils got knocked over in the dorm and marked up her head. In my pursuit to cover it up there came a third eye. Something that became a reoccurring image in many of my paintings there after. The creature has flowers growing out of her head, which symbolize creative thought. The roots stretch into the mechanical checkerboard in her mind. In a way I presume this creative blossom that comes out of my own head is what alienated me the most, for that did not seem in sync with frat parties, drinking and social drama. You’d think as a psychology major it’s somewhat normal to examine humans as if you weren’t one, but still I always knew there was a part of me astray from any realm of normality, a part Out in Space.






Welcome to The Circus

This drawing was inspired by a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. Upon returning to San Diego, I couldn’t get the imagery out of my mind. Being in the circus is something that has always intrigued me, though I suppose I have never been too far away from it. I used to joke by saying, ” I tried to run away and join the circus, but then I realized I was already there.” Because I grew up with artist parents and siblings, a circus-like life style was already ingrained. As I grew older I continued to attract more and more beautifully talented “freaks.” However, what divided my life style from those in Cirque du Soleil and other like performance groups, is that most of the performers spend all there time training, and many from an extremely young age. [hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]That commitment is something I really admire. At the time of the piece I was more spread in interests and playfulness, with little pressure to be perfect. I think this comes across in the drawing. It’s bizarre and scattered yet full of life, humor and incredible skill, like hooping with 6 hoops at once including a whimsical one around the wrist. I purposely chose to leave more white/negative space in this picture. In a way this was an exercise to break my habit of filling in the whole page, but it also serves as a way to focus more on the performers and welcome the viewer into the circus. [/hide-this-part]






Home is Where the Heart is

This piece was created at a time when I was redefining my idea of home, after being away from “home” at college for almost a year. It was indented to be a Father’s Day gift and a demonstration of my love. Naturally it’s of my dad and I. He is an artist as well and I see his creation of me much like I see his other works of art. The paintbrush stemming from the tree illustrates this.[hide-this-part morelink=”show more”]The roots from the tree turn into veins and hearts to reveal how he grounds me thru his love. Each of our hearts contains a home inside. His is radiant, balanced and large like the house I grew up in and spent many days and nights. The Star of David represents his side of the family who are Jewish. My heart though smaller in size is also radiating and despite the fact that a small dorm room felt far from home, this piece reminds me that home is where the heart it. [hide-this-part]







I consider this type of art to be a visual representation of my stream of consciousness. This was the type of stuff I would do randomly on pieces of paper while on the phone. This one I work on it in my lectures and would continuously pull out of my binder throughout the week until the “doodle” filled up the page. It’s a perfect example of effortless thought flow, especially because I only used one marker throughout the entire sheet. I did not even think about the need to change color or even lift the marker away from the page. In it lies many re-occurring icons of my art. Including a question mark, which I suppose comes from my philosophical way of always questioning life. The cacti represent the Dessert of El Paso Texas, where I grew up, while the water and jellyfish show my connection to the ocean. The right corner presents various symbols of peace including the hand, dove and of course peace sign. The bottom left corner involves my 2 snakes, Queztal and Masoko. They are wrapped around 2 women cleverly covering their private parts. The apples nearby bring in the biblical story of Eve, the apple and the evil snake, a tale that often shifts peoples perspectives on snakes. Just as the flow of our stream of consciousness works, one imaged turned into another and the ideas branched out in all directions. This type of art was amazingly therapeutic for me!







This pen and ink drawing was what initiated the rest, and started in my first semester at SDSU after moving from El Paso, TX. This was my first big move and marked a time of rebirth! The center oval shape represents and egg and the female figure inside is me. My hand reaches beyond the shell and turns into a lotus flower, an ancient symbol of the purity of heart and mind. Untouched by impurity, the flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. The road that moves through the drawing is the path of my life and illustrates the cross roads at the time. The cactus represent the desert of El Paso, and the buildings represent the city of San Diego, and a much faster speed of life.Up top there is a figure of a man and a woman combined, this is my and my high school lover, Ruben and I.We split because I was leaving. He was an artist as well and the paint splattered into a broken heart describes the way I felt about having left him. The clocks show the way time felt, it was long and even lonely. Of course deep down I always knew that this change was for the best. In retrospect, it did not take long at all before I cracked my shell and fully embraced my rebirth.