2024 Moon Phase Calendar

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This calendar shows the full year of the moon’s phases in one place! Everyone can enjoy staying in tune with the moon’s cycles! For those who menstruate, the calendar is a creative way to track your cycle, interpret your patterns, integrate and plan for incorporating your period into your life! 

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9 x 14 Calendar $25

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5.5 x 8.5 Travel Size $18

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Combo: Both Sizes $35

To use the calendar to track *your* cycle, you can use a red pen to color in the moons on the days you bleed, and as you continue on, you’ll begin to see your unique pattern. If your periods are irregular, the calendar can help you make sense of your patterns over time. Maybe you’ll notice stress or diet affecting your cycle. If your pattern is regular you can count the moons in between your cycle to anticipate and plan for your upcoming period, perhaps scheduling in downtime in honor of your heavy bleeding days. By counting moons you can also determine which dates you are likely to be ovulating (generally 10-14 days before your period). During those days you can pay special attention to the subtle changes in your body and womb space. This is a great first step in practicing  “fertility awareness,” and planning (or avoiding) pregnancy.

We are all different, with our own unique rhythms so this calendar will hold a different value and purpose for each of us! It’s my intention that this calendar helps all people move forward in each phase of life with more self-knowledge, compassion & a positive embrace of the FULL cycle.

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