Raised by non-traditional, multi-faceted artists, its no wonder Adelaide approaches the world with a uniquely innovative mindset. Encouraged to pursue a life of passion, she moved from El Paso, TX to San Diego, CA in 2005 to create The Shimmy Sisters, a Middle Eastern Dance Company, with her blood sister. Her success there opened doors along her path to becoming a renowned and distinguished performance artist by the time she graduated college. Belly Dance influence from her mother and Syrian ancestry was just the start. Circus, acrobatics, fire spinning, hooping, stilt walking, snake charming, mermaiding, songwriting, and rapping soon became a big part of Adelaide’s microcosm of creative energy.

Alongside it all, Adelaide continued to sketch and paint, evolving that talent, while taking reflective moments out of the spotlight. The inspiration Adelaide soaks up from both her creative lifestyle and degree in psychology is evident in her paintings. As a Visionary artist, Adelaide focuses on concept-based art. It touches upon our most primal human needs, while also conveying a cosmic timelessness that can appear quite “out there.” Adelaide lives in these realms, both the natural and the supernatural. Thanks to this unique sensitivity, Adelaide’s art has an authentic style often recognized for its colorful boldness, eye-pleasing composition, and whimsical portrayal of deep-rooted emotions.

Adelaide’s appetite for life, natural sense of leadership, and her entrepreneurial initiative have truly made the world her oyster. “If you can imagine it, you can create it,” is something she exudes and lives by. From orchestrating music videos, designing costumes and modeling, to teaching therapeutic belly dance and writing provocative poetry, her curiosities and talents take on many forms. All have either emerged from or have made their way onto the canvas. As Adelaide says, “My most accurate biography is the timeline of my artwork.” She has come to experience all of her creative endeavors as one full-spectrum expression. Adelaide is her ART.  

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